guest amenities

Private bathrooms with complimentary shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer, and towels

Comphy bed linens

Coffee maker/coffee and supplies in some rooms

Bottled water in each room

Mini fridge in some rooms

Books to read

Kayaks for no extra fee


Waterside firepit

Private beach access

Beach chairs

Beach towels

Cornhole, volleyball, and bocci ball


rest & relaxation

Unobstructed water views and spectacular sunset views.


enjoy the beautiful choptank

Explore the river in a kayak while watching for native birds

You will have access to the entire property including the beach except for the pool, hot tub, or barn. Please bring water shoes for the beach as we often find items washed up on the shore, some of them sharp. Breakfast will be served in the dining room and you are welcome to use the large table by the pool to hang out, eat crabs, or just chill.

- Complimentary continental breakfast is served in the dining room
- Can arrange Bike rental delivery for a small fee
- Can arrange a group bike tour in the local area for an extra fee, please inquire
- Can arrange a group or individual kayak tour for an extra fee, please inquire

guest access


Other things to note

Early check-in will be considered and granted depending on the ability to properly clean and set up the property in between guests.

Room Rates are based on Double Occupancy. Some rooms can accommodate additional guests. There is an Additional Guest fee of $50/guest/night.